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Outdoor Furniture covers all furniture whether it be fully assembled or Ready to assemble against defects in materials, manufacture or workmanship for 12 months from date of delivery. Customer acknowledges that the goods are for household use and any commercial, institutional, rental trade or other non household use voids this warranty.

Defects must be reported or claimed within 7 to 10 days of noticing. Issues that are left unreported can cause further damage.

The 12 Month warranty does not cover
· Damage caused as a result of Incorrect assembly.
· Misuse, neglect or abuse of the goods.
· Damage caused from Improper storage.
· Any use of toxic cleaning products that are not specifically recommended for its type.
· Transportation costs to country areas (outside metro).
· Transportation costs outside 20kms from Cape Town.
· Fair wear and tear.
· Non reported issues that have escalated from minor to major.

woodoc-stains-coloursColour stain

Woodoc Stain Concentrates are formulated to be added to the Woodoc Sealer of choice ensuring easy and controlled application. Available in eight classic wood colours that enhance the appearance of all woodwork.

Please select colour when ordering.

Note: Because the natural colour and absorbency of wood differ, Woodoc Stain Concentrates can vary on application.

For more information regarding stains please follow link to woodoc stains.



Merensky Pine Lumber 

Merensky produces a wide variety of Pine lumber grades for use in both industrial and structural applications. All structural lumber is graded in accordance with SANS standards.

Merensky Pine products are FSC® certified. FSC® certification is intended to provide a credible guarantee to customers, whether business, government or end consumer, that products sold with a specified FSC® certificate originate from well-managed forests, controlled sources, reclaimed materials, or a mixture of these.

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